BookMaker.eu is best suited for professional gamblers with their high betting limits, while recreational gamblers should examine all features before signing up.

Joey Shadeck | April 17th, 2020

  • Average odds
  • Information is hard to find or unavailable
  • Poor customer service

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BettingBuck.com always recommends betting with a US regulated sportsbook over an offshore sportsbook. Offshore sportsbooks are not legal, not regulated by a US governing body, and often not regulated at all. If you live in New Jersey check out our Best New Jersey Sportsbooks.

US Regulated Sportsbook (legal) No
Casino Yes
Poker No
Legal in New Jersey No
Legal in Pennsylvania No
Legal in Iowa No
Legal in Indiana No
Legal in Nevada No
Legal in West Virginia No

BookMaker has been providing online betting since 1996. In 2006, the online sportsbook Costa Rica International Sports (CRIS) acquired BetMaker.com, which included the Bookmaker.com/eu domains. In 2007, all foreign accounts were moved to BetMaker.com, and all U.S. accounts were moved to BookMaker.eu. Since then, BookMaker has maintained a solid reputation as one of the more popular offshore sportsbooks serving U.S. clients.

Is BookMaker Safe?

help 46
Trust Score

BookMaker is considered high-risk, with an overall Trust Score of 46 of 99. BookMaker is an offshore sportsbook that accepts U.S. residents as clients, which is considered illegal in the eyes of the U.S. Because BookMaker is an offshore sportsbook, there is no protection of client funds if the company were to go bankrupt or mistreat clients. Trust Score is determined by several factors, such as years in business, legal status, and global footprint, amongst others.

Sports Offered

BookMaker currently offers 22 different sports, ranging from soccer to entertainment events, such as Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. They offer a variety of leagues for popular sports, giving bettors access to both domestic and international games.

Total Sports Offered22
Aussie Rules (AFL) Yes
Baseball (MLB) Yes
Basketball (NBA) Yes
Basketball (NCAA) Yes
Boxing Yes
Cricket Yes
E-Sports Yes
Football (NFL) Yes
Football (NCAA) Yes
Golf (PGA) Yes
Hockey (NHL) Yes
Horse Racing Yes
Rugby (League) Yes
Rugby (Union) Yes
Soccer (EPL) Yes
Soccer (MLS) Yes
Tennis Yes
Sports Offered 5 Stars

Bets Offered

One of my favorite features is the display of betting distribution percentages for spread, moneyline, and total bets.

Aside from spread, moneyline, and total points, BookMaker offers parlays, teasers, if bets, action points, open wagers, and round robins, giving bettors a variety of options, depending on their risk tolerance.

BookMaker offers futures on the most popular U.S. sports, as well as other smaller sports like cricket and rugby. When this review was conducted in summer, futures on championships for the MLB, NHL, and NBA were not available. This was frustrating since NBA championship futures change daily in free agency when big-name players such as LeBron James and Demarcus Cousins sign with different teams.

BookMaker offers a wide range of bets in addition to spread, moneyline, and total bets, depending on the sport. During the World Cup, an additional 70-95 bets were offered on most matches. For regular season MLB/NBA/NFL/NHL games, 5-60 additional bets were offered. These bets are typically not added on the website until the afternoon of the day of the game, unlike the spread, moneyline, and total lines which are usually posted the day prior.

BookMaker used to display betting distribution percentages on the homepage of the website. Unfortunately, they stopped doing this in the second half of 2018. This was an awesome feature and I hope they bring it back in the future. I would also like to see more prop bets from BookMaker. The company rarely offers props based on an individual player's performance, which is becoming an increasingly popular bet amongst sportsbooks.

Office Pool

BookMaker offers bettors an “office pool” bet, which mirrors traditional SuperBowl squares. In summer, these pools were open for MLB games and ranged from $2-$500 a square.

Office Pools
Office Pool for a regular season MLB game.

This is a unique offering for an online sportsbook, and the $2 entry fee for most MLB games is small enough to entice players. Most games I viewed only had about 50% of available squares purchased. Nonetheless, squares are a fun way to spend a couple of bucks and keep your fingers crossed during a game.

Min/Max Bets

The following chart depicts the betting limits for BookMaker.eu. I used what the website allowed me to wager and what employees said, as opposed to the outdated information in their FAQ section. When I asked an employee what the maximum limits were, he said they would take bets up to $100,000 on any sport.

Min Max Table

These lines are leaps and bounds above most sportsbooks, which usually hover between $1,000-$10,000 in maximum limits. These limits give professional gamblers a reason to start drooling at the thought of $50,000 bets.


BookMaker finished in 9th place (of 17) in our 2019 rankings. BookMaker tended to offer odds that were comparable to the industry average.

BookMaker top odds: NCAAF moneyline bets (5th), MLB moneyline bets (6th), MLB total bets (3rd)

BookMaker worst odds: NBA moneyline bets (14th), Soccer moneyline bets (13th), NHL spread bets (10th), NCAAF spread bets (15th),

Ranking Process- For this review, odds testing data spanning the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, NHL, and top soccer leagues was collected. Odds data measures over 1,400 games across nine offshore sportsbooks and eight US regulated sportsbooks. Moneyline, spread, and total bets were analyzed and weighted to comprise a 2019 ranking for each league, with moneyline bets typically receiving over 50% of the weighting.

There are 16-17 sportsbooks ranked for each league, except the MLB, where only 13 sportsbooks were ranked. This is due to some US regulated sportsbooks rolling out after the MLB season concluded.

Banking Options and Fees

For professional gamblers, this fee structure is quite appealing, but for recreational bettors, the $300 minimum to receive a fee-free check can be staggering.

BookMaker really pushes cryptocurrency deposits, supporting over 35 different coins, including bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and dashcoin amongst others. There is a 1X rollover on all deposits (even without a bonus) before a withdrawal can be made.

Deposit Fees

BookMaker offers low minimum deposit amounts, no fees, and a variety of cryptocurrencies to deposit. Users can deposit money with over 35 different cryptocurrencies with by doing a crypto transfer to bitcoin. It is also worth noting the minimum amount needed to deposit with a credit card goes from $48 to $98 if you want a bonus. In addition to debit/credit card (Visa/Mastercard) deposits, Bookmaker also accepts cryptocurrency and a P2P money transfer.

Total Deposit Methods3
No Debit/Credit Card Deposit Fees Yes
Debit/Credit Card Fees
No Cryptocurrency Deposit Fees Yes
Deposit Min/Max - Debit/Credit Card$48/$1500
Deposit Min/Max - Cryptocurrency$10/$500,000
Banking Options and Fees 3.5 Stars

Withdrawal Fees

Although the website says debit card withdrawals are available, employees told me they are no longer being offered. In conjunction with the fees below, a free withdrawal may be made once a month for amounts of $300 or greater, depending on a player’s BetPoints tier. More information on BetPoints is available in the other notes section of this review.

Payouts can be requested every seven days. Checks take two to three days to process and are then paid within three to five business days. Cryptocurrency payouts are usually paid within two days. Bank drafts and crypto transfers are also available as payout methods, in addition to the table below.

Total Withdrawal Methods4
Check Payout Speed is < 10 days Yes
Cryptocurrency Payout Speed Yes
No Withdrawal Fees - Check No
Withdrawal Fee Ranges - Check$50 - $60
No Withdrawal Fees - Cryptocurrency Yes
Withdrawal Min/Max - Check$100/$3,000
Withdrawal Min/Max - Cryptocurrency$50/$10,000
Free Check Withdrawals - Set Time Periods No
Banking Options and Fees 3.5 Stars

For professional gamblers, this fee structure is quite appealing, but for recreational bettors, the $300 minimum to receive a fee-free check can be staggering.

Live Betting

During a soccer match, the match tracker shows where the ball is in relation to the field, the direction it moves each time it is passed or shot, and what team is attacking.

BookMaker currently offers live betting on the following sports:

Total Live Betting Sports Offered7
Badminton No
Baseball Yes
Basketball Yes
Cricket Yes
E-Sports No
Football Yes
Golf Yes
Handball No
Hockey Yes
Soccer Yes
Tennis Yes
Volleyball Yes
Water Polo No
Rugby No
Live Betting 4 Stars

The live betting menu BookMaker offers is simple in design, yet sufficient. I appreciated the running game clock on soccer matches, as well as the ability to live bet two different games at once. The live betting menu offers a few more bets than the standard menu, making for a decent live betting experience.

The coolest feature of the live betting menu is the match tracker. During a soccer match, the match tracker shows where the ball is in relation to the field, the direction it moves each time it is passed or shot, and what team is attacking. This tracker is the best substitute for watching a game and propels BookMaker.eu’s live betting to best in class, along with Intertops.

Live Betting 2
The match tracker during a soccer match.

Mobile Betting

One thing I noticed on my iPad and iPhone 7 was that the matchup tracker in the live betting menu was not supported. Aside from these minor inconveniences, mobile betting was a very positive experience. The menu was easy to navigate, loading times were short, if any, and the bet slip tracker in the bottom right was easy to use.

Mobile Betting
A mobile view of BookMaker's website.

Customer Service

BookMaker offers phone support, email support, and 24/7 live chat support, although the quality is poor. The two emails I sent received automated responses acknowledging they were received but were never responded to. The phone operators were rude and impatient, even though I only had quick questions. The live chat support was vague and unclear. I recall one instance where I inquired about the refer a friend program and was referred to the general customer service line. The overall experience was lackluster, to say the least.

Education and Research

BookMaker offers little education, providing only definitions and examples of bet types and articles previewing big sports matches. Unfortunately, they make it incredibly hard to find important information, such as their line-posting schedule, rollover requirements without a bonus, and payout speeds. Some of these items weren’t even listed and had to be obtained from customer service, which is baffling.


BookMaker is an offshore sportsbook, meaning it is illegal in the eyes of the US government. BettingBuck.com always recommends betting with a US regulated sportsbook over an offshore sportsbook. If you live in New Jersey check out our Best New Jersey Sportsbooks

BookMaker has a clean reputation with very limited negative reviews or possible scam reports. I could not find any information on Google regarding legal discipline or shady behavior. The only complaint I was able to dig up was that the website had changed certain policies without sending emails to customers a few years ago.

Other Notes

BetPoints Rewards

Alongside their bonuses, BookMaker offers their BetPoints Rewards Program, which has gold, platinum, and diamond status.

BetPoints for the sportsbook are awarded as follows (points awarded per lesser of risk/win amount):

BetPoints Rewards
BookMaker has three tiers of member status.

Site: https://www.bookmaker.eu/loyalty-program-rewards


Below are the current bonuses BookMaker offers, in addition to the BetPoints rewards program.

Bonuses BookMaker
Current bonuses from BookMaker.

BookMaker has lower percentage match bonuses, with a lower rollover requirement than most sportsbooks. If you were to deposit $1,000 using a 20% cash bonus you would receive $200 in bonus funds, which would become fully available once you wager $6,000 = (($1,000 + $200) * 5).

Restricted Countries

Bookmaker does not accept customers from: Abkhazia, Afghanistan, Akrotiri and Dhekelia, Aland Islands, Alderney, Arabian Gulf , Ascension Island, Bonaire, Burma, Chagos Island, Channel Islands, Curacao, Diego Garcia, Kosovo, Palestine, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Croix, Saint Martin, Samoa, Sark, Sint Maarten, South Sudan, Sudan, Tahiti, Tristan da Cunha, Wake Islands, West Samoa, Yugoslavia, and Zaire.

Final Thoughts

Professional gamblers will have a hard time finding sites that can match the high-wagering limits of BookMaker. They will also be able to wager money on their desktop or mobile device knowing they have an offshore veteran with a dedicated customer service line.

For recreational bettors, the live betting matchup tracker and range of bets make BookMaker worth considering, if they can look past the limited education/information, average odds and customer service, and banking fees.


For the BettingBuck.com annual best online sportsbooks review published in 2020, a total of 2,300 data points were collected over six months and used to score sportsbooks. Additionally, odds data was collected for each sportsbook on over 1,400 bets to give each sportsbook a comparative odds ranking.

Learn more about how we test.

Joey Shadeck

About the author: Joey Shadeck is a research analyst for BettingBuck.com. He has been a sports fan all his life, football and basketball being his two favorites to watch. Joey remembers betting his mom that the Green Bay Packers would beat the Detroit Lions as early as elementary school. He has 5 years of online betting experience with hundreds of bets placed during that time.

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