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Michigan Sports Betting

Joey Shadeck

In May of 2018, the Supreme Court overruled a law that placed a federal ban on sports betting. This decision has given each state the power to legalize online and in-person sports betting.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is expected to sign a package of bills by Friday, December 13th, 2019. This package of bills will legalize online sports betting, daily fantasy contests, online gambling, and betting on horse racing. Let's go through these different types of gambling and outline what will be legal.

Michigan Sports Betting

Here's what legal sports betting in Michigan will look like once Governor Whitmer signs bills 4916, 4917, and 4918.

  • Sports Betting At Casinos - Michigan's three commercial casinos (MGM, Greektown, Motor City) and 23 tribal casinos will be able to offer sports betting.
  • Online Sports Betting - There is potential for up to 26 different sports betting apps you can bet on from your phone or laptop in Michigan. Each casino is allowed to partner with one sports betting provider. I will create a table of each app once the first one is open for business.
  • Tax Proceeds - Tax proceeds from sports betting will go to the School Aid Fund, The First Responder Presumed Coverage Fund, and the city each casino operates in, amongst other things.
  • Multi-State Sports Betting - Michigan could partner with other states to offer multi-state sports betting once federal law allows it to do so. The Wire Act is currently preventing this.

When will online sports betting be available in Michigan?

Online sports betting will be available 60 days from when the law is passed, or sooner if both one commercial casino and one tribal casino are approved to offer sports betting. Residents must be 21 or older to bet on sports. Residents of Michigan should expect to be able to bet on sports from their phones before the SuperBowl!

How do I bet on sports in Michigan?

Once sports betting is legalized you will have two different ways to bet on sports.

  • At the casino - First, you must walk to the sportsbook section of the casino. For example, the sportsbook at MGM is called MoneyLine. Once you walk to the sportsbook you must tell the cashier what you want to bet on. Once you hand the cashier cash for the bet you are placing, they will hand you a ticket. This ticket is your receipt. If you win your bet, you must take the ticket back to the cashier. The cashier will give you your money back, or you can place another bet. Learn How to Read Odds before placing a bet.
  • Online via a mobile app or website - Placing a bet online through a mobile app is an easy process. First, you must create an account and deposit money into a mobile app. Most apps allow you to deposit with Debit/Credit Card or PayPal. After you deposit money, add a bet to your bet slip and select how much you want to wager. If this sounds confusing click on the three images below which illustrate the process.


Michigan Online Gambling

Online gambling is expected to be legalized in Michigan by the start of 2020, once Governor Whitmer signs House Bills 4311, 4312, and 4323 into law. Michigan casinos are the only companies allowed to offer internet gambling. Both commercial and tribal casinos will be allowed to offer internet gambling, which means Michigan residents could gamble on 26 different casino websites. Players must be 21 or older. Here's what types of online gambling will be legal in Michigan.

  • Online Slots
  • Online Poker
  • Online Blackjack
  • Other Online Table Games

Michigan Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports, such as FanDuel and DraftKings are legal in Michigan. Governor Whitmer is expected to sign House Bills 4308 and 4309 into law, which will tax daily fantasy sports operators. Residents have been able to legally bet on fantasy sports for years, now Michigan is reaping tax benefits.

Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS, is a cross between fantasy football and legalized gambling. On a broad level, DFS contests are a subsection of fantasy sports. Players compete against their friends, or more often strangers to build a team of professional athletes under a given salary cap, and try and to outscore their opponents. Daily fantasy sports differ from traditional fantasy sports by having contests that last for an evening or the weekend, as opposed to having the same team for months.

Michigan Online Gambling FAQ

Michigan Map

Michigan is one of the more progressive states in terms of gambling. Michigan is one of the only states to offer sports betting, internet gambling, daily fantasy sports, an online lottery, and horse racing.

What is the legal gambling age in Michigan?

Residents must be 18 to purchase lottery tickets or go to tribal casinos, and 21 to go commercial casinos or bet on sports.

Are offshore sportsbooks legal in Michigan?

No, offshore sportsbooks such as Bovada are not legal in Michigan. Offshore sportsbooks do accept residents of Michigan as clients. Although BettingBuck always recommends betting with legal sportsbooks, we do review a handful of offshore sites like Bovada, 5Dimes, and MyBookie.

Does Michigan have an online lottery?

Yes, the Michigan Lottery offers residents dozens of legal online slots, including instant, draw, fast cash, pull tab, keno, and second-chance games.

Michigan Lotto

Where does the Michigan lottery money go?

Each lottery dollar is distributed as follows, and can also be seen here: 62¢ to prizes for players, 26¢ to the School Aid Fund, 9¢ to commissions for vendors and retailers, and 3¢ for the Lottery’s ongoing operations and administrative costs. In 2018, $941 million was donated to schools.

Michigan Lotto Education

How many casinos are there in Michigan?

There are currently 26 casinos throughout the Great Lakes State. Believe it or not, Michigan used to be strict in regards to legal gambling, evident by the fact that the first Detroit casinos didn't arrive until 1999. Today MGM, Motor City, and Greektown operate as the three Detroit-based casinos regulated by the state. There are also 23 tribal casinos throughout the state.

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