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The Supreme Court gave each state the power to legalize sports betting in May of 2018 when they overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. Arkansas is a state with multiple bills in Congress.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Arkansas?

No, sports betting is not currently legal in Arkansas. Arkansas has two bills in Congress, although both were adjourned for an indefinite period in late April of 2019.


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When will sports wagering be legal in Arkansas?

Sports betting will not likely be legal in Arkansas for a few more years. There is no push in Congress to give either of these bills a firm committee date.

What Would Legal Sports Betting Look Like in Arkansas?

Arkansas currently has two different bills that would legalize sports betting. Let's take a look at what each one would authorize.

SB 498 would allow licensed casinos to accept wagers on sports as long as the events occur outside the State of Arkansas and do not involve any amateur athletes. Under this bill, the Arkansas Racing Commission would be tasked with selling licenses. Casinos would be taxed at a variable rate of 13% to 20% of net gaming receipts. Tax money would be distributed as follows: 55% to the Arkansas General Revenue Fund, 17.5% to the Arkansas Racing Commission, 8% to the county of the operating casino, and 19.5% to the city or town the casino is located.

SB 669 would allow the Arkansas Racing Commission to auction between two to four licenses that permit athletic event wagering at an athletic event wagering facility or through an interactive athletic event wagering platform or both. Taxes on sports betting would be 12.5% of gross revenue or 13.5% for online wagers. Taxes collected from the bill would be distributed as follows; 20% to the commission for operating expenses and 80% to the State Treasury. This bill also prohibits betting on the Special Olympics, the WWE (wrestling), or any other entertainment event that features in-person judging (shows like America's Got Talent).

Would the bills legalize online sports betting in Arkansas?

Yes, both bills would legalize online or mobile sports betting in Arkansas, although the number of operators allowed is different.

Would the bills legalize online poker in Arkansas?

N, there is no mention of online poker in either bill.

Arkansas Online Gambling FAQ

Residents of Arkansas have limited options when it comes to online gambling.

Are daily fantasy sports legal in Arkansas?

Yes, Daily Fantasy Sports, such as FanDuel and DraftKings are legal in Arkansas. Governor Hutchinson signed a bill in 2017 to legalize daily fantasy sports in the Natural State.

Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS, is a cross between fantasy football and legalized gambling. On a broad level, DFS contests are a subsection of fantasy sports. Players compete against their friends, or more often strangers to build a team of professional athletes under a given salary cap, and try and to outscore their opponents. Daily fantasy sports differ from traditional fantasy sports by having contests that last for an evening or the weekend, as opposed to having the same team for months.

Are offshore sportsbooks legal in Arkansas?

No, offshore sportsbooks such as Bovada are not legal in Arkansas. Offshore sportsbooks do accept residents of Arkansas as clients. Although BettingBuck always recommends betting with legal sportsbooks, we do review a handful of offshore sites like Bovada, 5Dimes, and MyBookie.

Does Arkansas have an online lottery?

No, the Arkansas Lottery does not offer any online games.

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